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Tuna Ciudad de Luz

Join us for an open rehearsal!

20:00 café De Gouden Bal, Hoogstraat 112A Eindhoven

Who are we?

Tuna Ciudad de Luz (TCL) is a student music association from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Founded in 1964, TCL is the oldest Tuna group outside of Spain and Portugal. A Tuna is a group of students who perform Spanish folk music alongside their studies. In Spain, almost every university has a Tuna group, often one for each faculty. The presence of a Tuna at a Dutch university is unique.

What began as a joke, with the Eindhoven Student Corps challenging themselves to perform a traditional serenade, turned out to be incredibly successful, and the participants never looked back.

This student prank grew into a fully-fledged and successful student association. In order to maintain our musical skills at a high level, and because it’s simply enjoyable, we rehearse every Tuesday starting at 21:00 at Café De Gouden Bal, Hoogstraat 112A.

Interested in experiencing the atmosphere? Feel free to stop by!


The Spanish tradition in your city!


Travel with friends to see beautiful places and meet new people!


Spread joy everytwhere we go!


Would you like the Spanish festivities at you event?


Tuna Ciudad de Luz is the largest student association in Eindhoven that operates independently from sponsors. We carry this with great pride as we fund our costumes, instruments, and maintenance through the fees we receive for our performances.

If you would like to experience beautiful music and a lively atmosphere in support of our tradition, please contact our secretary for bookings and information!

Call (+31 (0)6 – 41 39 89 10) or mail to info@tunacl.nl.